interaction between people, technology, art and design

selected projects: (2014) blanc, p—ng, ús, (2013) simon, (2012) scoreboard, (2011) fly me, (2010) gif me, mov me, (2009) human interface, (2008) invaders

site in beta

blanc, collective report for a two-days event (1/3)

blanc, custom camera (2/3)

blanc, 3D light painting (3/3)

p—ng, multiplayer game (1/2)

p—ng (2/2)

ús, first test: same person, same place (1/2)

ús, populate digitally a place with different people (2/2)

simon, interactive light sculpture (1/2)

simon, run to play (2/2)

scoreboard (1/2)

scoreboard (2/2)

fly me, stopmotion capture up in the air

gif me, real time gifs (1/2)

gif me (2/2)

mov me, stopmotion installation

human interface

invaders, using balls as an interface (1/2)

invaders (2/2)

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